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  Monday, September 20, 2010
EISS London Final Report
Short video summary of EISS London
08:30-09:15 Morning Reception and Coffee
09:15-09:25 Welcome and Introduction
EISS Chair Rt. Hon. James Arbuthnot MP. Chair, UK House of Commons Defence Select Committee
09:25-09:35 U.S. Congressional Perspectives
EIS Summit Honorary Co-Chair U.S. Congressman Trent Franks
09:35-09:45 UK Security Perspectives
UK Minister of State for Security The Rt. Hon. Baroness Neville-Jones DCMG
09:45-10:30 Risk: Impact of Severe Solar Flares, Nuclear EMP and Intentional EMI on Electric Grids
John Kappenman
: Principal Investigator, National Academy of Sciences Severe Space
Weather Project. Principal Investigator, U.S. Congress EMP Commission
10:30-11:00 Coffee Break
11:00-11:30 Impact: Societal Consequences of Extreme Electromagnetic Threats
Bronius Cikotas
: Responsible for Washington D.C. and Strategic Air Command EMP-Hardened
Communication Systems. Former EMP Division Chief for U.S. Defense Nuclear Agency
11:30-12:15 Options for Protection: Protecting National Electric Grids and Critical Infrastructures
Bronius Cikotas
and John Kappenman
12:15-01:15 Lunch
01:15-01:50 Warning Signs
-Sweden’s Experience
: Solar Flare and Electromagnetic Weapon - Impact and Response
Dr. Magnus Olofsson: Director-General, Swedish National Electrical Safety Board
-Impact on Aviation: Severe space weather and EMP
Captain Bryn Jones: Researcher, European Space Agency; Pilot, Virgin Atlantic Airways
01:50-02:00 U.S. Legislative Status:
EIS Summit Honorary Co-Chair U.S. Congresswoman Yvette Clarke
02:00-02:10 U.S. Department of Energy Perspectives
William Bryan
, U.S. DOE Deputy Assistant Secretary
02:10-02:30 Protecting our Critical Infrastructures: Legislative and Regulatory Options
Joseph McClelland
, Director, Office of Electric Reliability, U.S. Federal Energy
Regulatory Commission (FERC)
02:30-02:40 Next Steps: Defining a Framework for International Coordination
Avi Schnurr
: President, Electric Infrastructure Security Council
02:40-03:00 General Discussion – All
03:00-03:30 Coffee Break
03:30-04:00 Keynote presentation - PRESS INVITED
U.K. Secretary of State for Defence, The Rt. Hon. Dr. Liam Fox MP
04:00-04:45 Press Conference
04:45-05:00 Closing Remarks
The Rt. Hon. James Arbuthnot MP: Chair



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First Annual World Summit on Infrastructure Security

London 2010