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June 30-July 1, 2014
The Houses of Parliament
Westminster, London


The Houses of Parliament, Westminster, London, June 30-July 1, 2014

Resilience, Response, Collaboration
Assessing resilience for wide-area grid outages from E-threats and other hazards

EIS Summit Mission
Following EISS IV Washington D.C. in May, 2013 and the three previous summits, EISS has become the primary forum for international infrastructure security cooperation and coordination in addressing “Black Sky Day” hazards -- extraordinary and hazardous catastrophes utterly unlike the blue sky days during which utilities ideally operate. (For more information on EISS I through IV, click on the “archive” tab, to the right of this text on the home page).

EIS Summit V, London
The past year has seen a remarkable growth in interest in resilience investment and restoration planning to assure grid continuity for Black Sky Day hazards. EISS V will focus on resilience, response and collaboration. Summit sessions will examine severe hazards, consider policy implications, and review the status of the enhanced resilience and response planning now beginning to take place in both public and private sectors.

Agenda and logistics information
The preliminary agenda, including both confirmed and invited speakers, is shown on the “agenda” tab, to the right of this text on this home page.
An update on recommended, special rate hotel accommodations and summit logistics will be posted by Monday, May 19, downloadable by clicking on an icon in the first line of the agenda.

The Summit Organizing Co-Chairs are Rep. Yvette Clarke (D, NY), Rep. Trent Franks (R, Az), The Rt. Hon. James Arbuthnot MP; Honorary Chair: Lord Toby Harris is Honorary Co-Chair. The EIS Summit Series, an international, non-partisan government / NGO partnership, is hosted by the Electric Infrastructure Security Council and the Henry Jackson Society.

EIS Summit Sponsors
The EIS Summit Series is sponsored through the generosity of the following organizations and philanthropists:

Government and Organizations

United States Department of Energy
North American Electricity
Reliability Corporation

Foundations and Individuals

Dr. Jack Templeton
Steve and Rita Emerson
The Newton D. and Rochelle F. Becker Foundation
Chuck and Kharline Boxenbaum
Steven and Bonnie Stern
The Michael and Andrea Leven Family Foundaiton

Kenneth and Nira Abramowitz

The Ed Snider Foundation